Founded 2013

We founded this indie game studio in 2013. Check out our history and roadmap.

Our foundational belief is quality over quantity and creating joy via good gameplay and usability.

Austin Borden

Programming, Servers, Analytics

Multi-dimensional traveler bridging the gap between dreams and reality via games. Happiest around nature, friends, and family.

B.S. in Computer Science from Lehigh University.

Brian Oppenlander

Art, Design, Animation, Marketing

Seeking balance between chaos and order in all aspects of life. Passionate about craftsmanship and quality experiences.

M.S. in HCI/d from Indiana University.


Art, Development

We work with contractors that help us add new items and polish. They are key in adding value to the King Rabbit universe.

Royal Guard

Community Moderation

Shout out to our amazing Discord community and the moderators (Royal Guard) that help keep the community running smoothly. <3