King Rabbit features!

One universe. Two games. Create an account to sync your progress across both games.


Includes a player-driven economy where you can buy and sell items from other players on the in-game market. Gold and gems are the currencies in King Rabbit and are earned in-game.

Rare Eggs

Rare eggs are hidden randomly throughout both games. Eggs are also given out as rewards. Eggs can contain gold, gems, and a rare chance of a ring or rabbit!

Rabbit Skins

Regular rabbit skins are rare, only 100 of each rabbit will be born. NFT rabbit skins are exceptionally rare, only 1 of each will be born.

Magic Rings

Attach rings to a rabbit and your rabbit will emit magical particle effects and sounds! Especially interesting when racing against other rabbits.

Royal Subscriber Perks

Subscribe in-game, cancel anytime.

  • Egg Doubler
  • 200 gems monthly
  • 3 hints monthly (puzzle)
  • 6 slow time monthly (puzzle)
  • Gold name and crown badge
  • Royal role in Discord