King Rabbit - Race

Hop through obstacle courses and get furthest before dying! Invite your friends and race with them. Easy to learn, hard to master. Climb the ranks and earn rewards. With addicting gameplay and responsive controls you’ll want to keep playing just one more round.

King Rabbit - Puzzle

Hopping from point A to point B sounds easy right? Think again. Dozens of items and hundreds of subtle mechanics will blow your mind. Not satisfied? Build your own levels and share them with the world. Recommended for players who like to think and create. Over 100,000 levels have been made.

NFT Collection

1,000 one-of-a-kind animated rabbit skins playable in King Rabbit games. We’re one of the first game studios in the world to support playable Ethereum NFT skins that come with exclusive perks for life! Dropping 10 at a time, announced on Twitter and Discord before each drop. Each new rabbit is sold at 0.1 ETH.

NFT Ownership Perks

In addition to owning a unique skin, you get weekly rewards just for owning an NFT! Weekly rewards will stack, so for every NFT you own you’ll get these rewards:

  • 50 gems
  • 1 rare ring
  • 1 hint
  • 2 slow times

NFT owners also unlock the Egg Doubler perk, get a special NFT Noble role in our Discord, and will never have to watch ads in our games.

After purchasing your NFT on OpenSea, connect your wallet to your King Rabbit account by logging in and immediately start playing with your one-of-a-kind skin and earning rewards!


  • Latest news from the devs
  • Participate in contests and win prizes
  • View market buy & sell activity
  • Get support and provide feedback
  • Special roles for subscribers & NFT owners