We’re one of the first game studios in the world to support NFTs you can play with!

Non-Fungible Tokens of rabbits that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT represents one unique playable skin in King Rabbit.

Simply login with your King Rabbit account. Once you’re logged in, connect to your Ethereum wallet. This verifies KingRabbit NFT ownership and will unlock the rabbit in your inventory.

Selling or transferring your NFT to another Ethereum address will automatically remove the skin from your inventory. Only the individual who has access to the wallet containing a rabbit can play with the rabbit.

To use your rabbit on a different King Rabbit account, login with the original account and disconnect your wallet. Then sign in with a new account and reconnect the wallet. Wallets cannot be connected to multiple accounts simultaneously.

We only mint ONE of each KingRabbit NFT, making them ultra-rare. There are other rabbit skins in-game that are not NFTs, with 100 of each design.

There are many Ethereum wallets and exchanges that will work, one example is Metamask.

On OpenSea or Rarible. Please ensure you are buying from the official KingRabbit collection (contract address: 0x5cbfbadc8E4fBCC9d9F9D82C1d1022E999Cba36C).

Since it’s an Ethereum token, you can’t sell your NFT within the game. Instead you can sell it on any Ethereum NFT marketplace such as OpenSea or Rarible.

We believe NFTs are an amazing way to merge art, technology, and community. NFTs give players more power and ownership over their game assets.

Yes. With NFTs you can own a special piece of King Rabbit that lives forever on the blockchain.

Visit our Discord and post in #questions, or message us on Twitter.

RareSloth FAQ

In various iterations since 2014.

Yes, we’re working on a new King Rabbit spinoff called King Rabbit - Race

Yes! If you have a King Rabbit account all skins and currency will automatically sync between games.